Anicent Egyptians
13 February

Alive or dead, the Egyptians loved good food. When an important person died, people gave him food for the journey to the after-life. They also gave him animals, gold and servants.  
The Egyptians could have a picnic with a family member even if he had died. They took the food and drink to the tomb and had a meal.  

The Romans

20 february

The Romans also loved to eat. Breakfast was only water, wine and olives. They didn’t eat lunch. They waited for the big evening meal. 
The evening meal was a special occasion with lots of people, food and wine. Guests and adults lay on large sofas. Only children sat at the table. The romans did not use knives or forks, only their fingers and spoons. They had slaves who cleaned their hands between the meals.  


The Vikings 
27 february

The Vikings cooked over fires and used large pots to boil meat and vegetables. They had large hooks for roasting big animals. They ate with a spoon and a sharp knife. The Vikings ate a lot of meat, bread and fruit. Prunes were their favourite fruit. Sometimes they made juice from the prunes. 
But the Vikings didn’t just drink prune juice. They liked strong honey wine called mead which they drank from horns.