Synopsuskjøl í samband við próvtøku - eisini at nýta til venjingina

Synopsis practice to hand in on October 3rd

Main topics

  • Working 9-5
  • World travelling
  • "Live your dream"
  • Risks
  • Shop 'til you drop
  • Technology

You pick one of the main topics and within that main topic you find a sub topic (your chosen topic) to work with. Fill out the document (above) and hand this in on October 3rd at the latest.

Prepare a presentation (approx. 5 mins.) for next week (week 41) based on your synopsis and your chosen topic.

This combined work will be marked and will count for an essay.

In regards to your English Essays

All general rules apply in regards to font, font size, space lining etc.

The essays must contain at least 3700 characters and no more than 6100, spacing included.

Also the essays must be sent via mail as an attached file to hanna.y.solbjoerg@skulin.fo

Example - introduction and conclusion