Information in English

Útgivið tann: 12.mars 2020

Information in English

Útgivið tann: 12.mars 2020

Skrivað hevur: Leivur Vitalis

Tíðindabólkar: Tíðindabólkur á framsíðuni


Procedures in the following weeks

The school has now been informed by the school authorities about procedures regarding the closing of the schools from the 16th of march and the following two weeks.

Classes will be held on friday the 13th of march, but we urge parents/guardians to keep the students at home if possible, and otherwise comply to the recommendations of the ministry og health.

The school will be closing on monday the 16th of march, but will be open for pupils in the 1., 2., and 3. grade. This is however only a arrangement for those parents that work in vital work  sectors such as the health an rescue sector, and where circumstances dont allowed the pupils to stay at home.

If parents are in need of such arrangements, they must send an email to the school,, stating why such an arrangement is needed.

For other students, there will be other arrangements made so that the pupils can work from home. Information regarding this will be posted og the individual class week schedules on the schools webpage, on monday at the latest.

This is a state of emergency, that will be enforced for the next two weeks. The situation is under control for now, but these measures are set in motion due to the state of the surrounding countries, and to tame the spreading of the corona virus. It is up to us all as individuals and as a society to take responsibility of our self, those close to you and others.

If you have any questions regarding this statement, you are welcome to call the school og someone in the school administration.


Vagn Foldbo, Principal