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29. februar 2024
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Cunjunctions er sambindingarorð, sum samantvinna setningar. Hesi orðini eru betri at brúka enn at brúka and and and

Sk8er boi


1- Listen to the song on youtube a few times 2-3 times. What emotions are expressed in the song? Take notes.

2 - Find words and phrases in the text to prove your point. Mind you, only half of the song is printed in your book, so you have to listen carefully.

3- describe to two persons, how is their personality?

Tað fyrsta navni í bólkinum, sendir svarini til mín á mail.


Have you ever appreciated a sunset?
Were you alone or with someone special?
Have you ever been a guest at a surprise party?
Has anyone ever thrown a surprise party for you?
Have you ever been in a fist fight?
Have you ever been on TV?
Have you ever been to a theatre? (Also spelling "theater.")
Have you ever broken a bone?
Have you ever called your boyfriend or girlfriend by the wrong name?
Have you ever changed your appearance a lot in a short time? (For example, hair style, hair color or weight)
Have you ever cheated on an exam?
Have you ever cried in public and embarrassed yourself?
11. Have you ever cried for no reason and felt good because of it?

Have you ever done something silly that you wish you had not done?
Have you ever eaten in a restaurant and realized you have no money with you?
Have you ever finished eating in a restaurant, and you realized you forgot your wallet?
Have you ever eaten something that you thought you wouldn't like, but found out that you actually liked it?
Have you ever fallen asleep and forgotten where you were?
Have you ever fallen asleep while taking a bath?
Have you ever fallen down the stairs?
Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?

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